The term aevia is derived from the vowels of alleluia and is used in choral music; encouraging us to “Sing this passage praisefully.” Today, the Aevia Group is a soft pre-echo of a distant melody. And yet it is building to herald a new era on earth; when each may experience the full and abundant life that is divinely orchestrated. Ours is a sincere expression of gratitude for the way God loves us; for his unfolding themes of coordinated movement and for the unmerited favor that we enjoy and term grace. Aevia thus serves as another constant reminder of Our Loving Father “from whom all blessings flow.” The acronym AEVIA helps us to cultivate a greater Appreciation for the Enduring Value of Individual Advancement. Where the term denotes overtures of Divine friendship and encourages us to give thanks; the acronym, as an appeal to help those Jesus referred to as “the least of these,” underscores our duty as cosmic citizens. – Quoted from the Aevia Precepts